Easy recipes using Aglow superfood powders

Easy recipes using Aglow superfood powders

Some new ways to use your Aglow products to make them an easy self-care ritual... click on the titles to watch me make them 👇🏼


✨ Cherry Ripe Smoothie

DELICIOUS, tasting like the chocolate bar using Cocoa Collagen CreamerVanilla Pea Protein with Probiotics and Immunity Super Greens


 Collagen coffee ritual - three ways

 All these coffees will give you all the goods of over 9.7g of Type I Marine Collagen peptides, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and CoQ10. Enjoy the health benefits with every sip! 


Eton Mess

Tastes like a 10 but can look like a 1 😜

Grab a bowl, defrost some berries, add your favourite yogurt, stir through your favourite Aglow CollagenAglow Pea Protein and chuck in crunch element like nuts, granola, coconut flakes. You can even add in your Super Greens too.



✨ Overnight oats 

Super easy breakfast and snack whipped up in minutes, and will keep you full for ages. Loaded with protein, fibre and LOTS of vitamins and minerals.

This is perfect with Aglow CollagenSuper Greens or Pea Protein with Prebiotic and Probiotics. Simply dissolve in your milk of choice before adding to your oats.


✨ Protein pancakes

High in protein and nourishing to your gut; it is the PERFECT Sunday brunch to enjoy and repair and rebalance ready for a new week. Use your favourite Aglow Pea Protein and if you wanted Aglow Collagen too!

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