Aglow's story

Hi 👋🏼

Thanks so much for visiting Aglow. I’m Alana and I live in the beautiful Nelson region of New Zealand, with my family, where I operate Aglow from!

I have always been fascinated with the notion that what we eat, has a huge impact on our health, how we socialise, and how we look and feel, which led to me completing two degrees in Nutrition from Otago University.


Despite all this knowledge, being a full-time working woman, mum of two and the demands of never-ending life admin, like that load of laundry on ‘the chair’; I seriously struggled to eat the ‘right foods’ all the time. For me, food became more a grab and go, rather than a nourishment for my body and the 'snack-o-saurus' was real and raging! As a result, my energy levels, health and wellbeing were suffering and I lacked confidence with my skin breaking out, my hair thinning and ultimately both were dull, dry and lacking their natural glow.


I needed to take better care of myself, as “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” If this resonates with you, you are not alone! 


Embracing the quote a “youthful outside blooms from a healthy inside”, I knew little changes could have BIG positive impacts on all aspects of my health and wellbeing…..

So, Aglow was born. 

With the vision to support myself and other women to feel healthy, youthful and energized from the inside and out, I created a range of natural NZ made superfood supplements that are effective using pure and simple ingredients. That’s it – no fussy rituals, unnecessary ingredients or fillers.


This ‘spoonful a day’ really is effortlessly effective self-care for the busy modern woman.


It gives me such joy to hear from people how much Aglow has helped transform their health, wellbeing and appearance so they feel confident and energised and literally glowing from the inside-out. So, start prioritising YOU on your to-do list, with a small daily Aglow ritual, because life is not a dress rehearsal - enjoy every day and aim to live better than you did yesterday.


🤍🤍🤍 Alana 🤍🤍🤍


P.S. Have any questions? Send me message at or via the website chat.


What Aglow believes in

These are our values we won’t sacrifice, they are the beating heart of  Aglow, me and our community!


Guaranteed to be ‘Aglow’- Our Aglow products will leave you feeling healthier and more youthful than you were yesterday - we guarantee it.  

If within 14 days of receiving your Aglow product(s), if you are still not happy with them, you can return them to us for a refund of the purchase price. You can read the full details of our refund policy here.


Simple but premium quality - We use only the best natural and organic ingredients.

Our ingredients are sourced within New Zealand and around the world and are chosen by a qualified nutritionist (me!) for their unique and specific properties which benefit for your health, wellbeing and appearance.  There are no unnecessary ingredients or additives, and definitely no chemicals. All our product ingredients are transparent, with all ingredients listed on the product labels.


Proven results – We have received over 100 5-star reviews from customers who have transformed their health, wellbeing and appearance by using Aglow. 

We are committed to producing products that deliver results for our customers - premium quality, proven ingredients and results, backed by science.


Sustainable ethos - We are committed to minimising the impact on the environment, while delivering high quality effective supplements.

This includes reusable and home compostable packaging, through to sustainable pricing by offering a no risk subscription service and value packs.