Aglow's story

Aglow is a proudly NZ owned business.

Having completed two degrees in Nutrition, I have a real passion for helping others to achieve better health and wellness so they too, can enjoy a benefit of a balanced lifestyle.

Despite being armed with this knowledge, I understand how much of a juggling act life can be. I am a mum of two wonderful – but busy kids, I have work commitments and never-ending life admin like that load of laundry on ‘the chair’. Taking care of myself always seemed to be at the bottom of my pile. I knew I needed to take better care of myself, my mum would always tell me “you cannot pour from an empty cup.”

So, Aglow was born.

With the vision to support myself and others to be healthier than we were yesterday. Aglow offers a range of simple products that support health, wellness and beauty, using premium natural ingredients so we glow from within.
It gives me such joy and fulfilment to hear from fellow Aglow lovers how much these products have positively affected their health, well-being and appearance! 
Life is not a dress rehearsal. Enjoy every day and aim to live healthier than you did yesterday.