Why freeze drying is superior

Aglow goes the extra mile to freeze-dry its raw ingredients instead of using the more commonly used, cheaper, heat-drying process. Why?

Freeze drying keeps in the nutrients

Freeze drying locks in 98% of the original nutrients from the raw ingredients (unlike heat drying which strips most of this good stuff). The cellular make-up of the plant-based ingredient is not exposed to, or damaged, by intense heat and therefore nutrients remain safely intact.

Heat drying, as the name suggests, heats the raw ingredients to remove the water content. However when these ingredients are blasted with the intense heat, most of the nutrients are lost because they can’t survive this heat, leaving the final user with a lot of green powder that has lost alot of its healthy properties - the equivalent of eating the cardboard box that the fruit and veges were stored in. So if you are consuming any heat dried products, sadly most of the nutrient goodness is long gone.


Although the freeze drying process costs 4-5 times more than heat drying, which is why fewer manufacturers opt to use it; freeze drying our plant ingredients gives you the most nutrient dense greens powder possible with all the good stuff locked in.