Subscription Policy & Terms

Ordering and delivery

Your first order for your subscription will be placed by you as confirmation of the start of your subscription.  Future orders will be placed by us based on the delivery schedule for your subscription. Once the order is processed by us, a confirmation and receipt will be emailed to your contact email address.

Future deliveries run on a regular schedule depending on your subscription. The delivery schedule is visible to you as part of your subscription details. Actual delivery times may vary based on your location, our product availability and other circumstances impacting delivery out of our control (including public holidays). We are not responsible for any delays in deliveries out of our control. The delivery schedule can be found by logging into the subscription portal.


Price and associated discounts of your subscription may by be subject to change without notice and are GST inclusive. The total price paid by you for the Subscription is the price of the products in each specific order plus costs and expenses of supply and delivering the products, calculated on the day that order is processed.

Amendments: Any changes you make to your information may change the price of your subscription and we will display this price to you once you have submitted the changes.

Afterpay is available for New Zealand customers making one off purchases only and are not eligible for Aglow subscriptions


Pausing and Termination:

Your subscription will remain in place unless you give notice of termination. You can terminate your Subscription at any time by logging into your account and going to the Subscriptions section of my account. Your subscription will still be charged and delivered if your notification of termination is within 24 hours of your next scheduled delivery.

If you pause or terminate your subscription and reactivate at a different time, the price for the reactivated subscription may be different to the price in effect for the plan at the time of termination. 

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel subscription orders at our sole discretion. If we do this, you will only be charged for subscription orders that have been shipped to you.