Why choose Aglow?

We use premium natural ingredients

Aglow products contain only what you need with the emphasis on quality of ingredients over quantity. The blends are simple, no hidden flavours, colours or preservatives. Let me tell you our secrets…

  • Aglow collagen powder uses sustainably sourced high grade marine collagen. It has been hydrolyzed, meaning it has been broken down into peptides so its easily absorbed by the body. Click here to find out more about our Collagen powder or shop here to get yours now.
  • Aglow super greens powders, uses only organic food ingredients that have been freeze dried to maintain all the goodness. Click here to find out more about our green powder blends or shop here to get yours now.

We freeze dried real food ingredients

Aglow goes the extra mile to freeze-dry raw ingredients instead of using the more common, cheaper heat-drying process, in our Greens powder range (Immunity and Antioxidant | Skin Hair and Nails).


  • Freeze drying locks in 98% of the original nutrients from the raw food ingredients; unlike heat drying which strips most of this good stuff out as nutrients cannot survive the intense heat.
  • Freeze drying locks in more of the flavour and taste of the ingredients than heat dried foods.

By using freeze drying Aglow is able to produce the most naturally dense super greens powder in New Zealand.

We have free shipping

We love supporting Aglow lovers achieve their health, beauty and wellbeing goals so all orders have free shipping across NZ!

We love the environment

Aglow cares about the environment just as much as your health that’s why our packaging is either re-usable, biodegradable, or, at the very least recyclable minimising landfill waste.

For your first order with Aglow, select our air tight bamboo jars but don’t throw them away, for subsequent orders you can then just choose the biodegradable bags to refill your jars. 

With Aglow you are reducing your personal environmental footprint - that's something to smile about 😊

We have a subscription service so you can save!

Want to make health and wellness easy? Sign up to the Aglow subscription package and you will get your Aglow order shipped automatically at intervals you choose AND save up to 20% on every order. Over 70% of our customers have already joined, you can adjust, change, or cancel at any time.

How does it work? Find out more here