4 reasons to 😍 Aglow's new Collagen powders

4 reasons to 😍 Aglow's new Collagen powders

Well its been over a month since we have launched our three new Collagen powders, expanding on our much loved and effective original blend. Aglow's Collagen range now consists of:

  1. Lemon Marine Collagen
  2. Cocoa and Vanilla Oat Milk Collagen Creamers
  3. The original, tasteless and odourless Collagen with Antioxidants.


The three newbies are giving the original a run for it's money in the popularity stakes, here are the top reasons why....


👍🏼 Uses our original HERO ingredient

These three new Collagen supplements use our original effective Type I Marine Collagen peptides that are easily absorbed and used by your body. This Collagen has received TONNES of 5-⭐ reviews


👍🏼 Natural nutrients for BIG results

 We add natural nutrients to work with the Collagen for maximum results like...

 🍊 Vitamin C to boost Collagen absorption and help the body produce collagen, by activating cells called fibroblasts that form new collagen. It also has benefits for reducing inflammation and pigmentation.

 🍋 Our naturally flavoured Lemon Collagen has Hyaluronic Acid for to reduce skin redness and irritation, boost skin hydration, and help joint mobility. 

 🥛 Our Creamers and the original have two powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E + CoQ10, for reduced skin inflammation and fast hair and nail growth


👍🏼 Packaged in our new glass jars

 Beautifully packaged in sustainably mindful materials, with a sleek glass jar which still can be refilled using out home compostable refill pouch. These jars are reinforced with borosilicate so are really tough to break PLUS have an improved lid which is easier to use and seal your collagen!


👍🏼 Gives choice for consistency

 You get the best results with Collagen when you are consistent in your small daily self-care ritual. These powders deliver the best for your skin, hair and nail health with premium natural, effective ingredients BUT give you CHOICE and FLEXIBILITY on how you have enjoy your daily collagen ritual!

These newbies taste DELISH in just a glass of water! Simple, effective and fuss-free self-care!


👍🏼 My favourite

My current fav is the naturally flavoured Lemon Collagen in a glass of water first thing. Such a great way to start the day and get my hydration levels up before my beloved coffee.


We have some EPIC bundles of our Collagen range, giving you big savings and a chance to try these new ones and work out your favourites and what works best for your routine.


Take a look today!

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