My reasons behind owning Aglow...

My reasons behind owning Aglow...

I'm a qualified nutritionist, with not 1, but 2 nutrition degrees from the University of Otago and I STILL couldn't get my nutrition, self-care and wellbeing right 🙈😭 


Working full-time working, being a mum of two, the demands of never-ending life admin (urgh washing, meal prep, dishes 😫), and just trying to be a good wife, friend, boss and person, meant I prioritised myself last. 


I seriously struggled to eat the ‘right foods’ all the time. Food became a grab and go, rather than nourishment for my body and the 'snack-o-saurus' was real and raging!


What this meant was, my energy levels, health and wellbeing were suffering. I felt tired ALL the time - yet couldn't sleep. I struggled to focus and my gut health was all over the show suffering from bloating and abnormal bowel movements 💩 


What felt worse though, is I lacked confidence with my skin breaking out, my hair thinning and ultimately both were dull, dry and lacking their natural glow.


I needed to take better care of myself. Embracing the quote a “youthful outside blooms from a healthy inside”, I knew how we eat, has a huge impact on our health, and how we look and feel BUT little changes could have BIG positive impacts on all aspects of my health and wellbeing….. 

So, Aglow was born. 

With the vision to support myself and others to feel healthy, youthful and energized from the inside and out, I created a range of natural NZ made superfood supplements that are effective using pure and simple ingredients. That’s it – no fussy rituals, unnecessary ingredients or fillers.


This ‘spoonful a day’ really is effortlessly effective self-care for the busy modern world we live in.


It gives me joy to hear how Aglow has helped transform people's health, wellbeing and appearance. So, start prioritising YOU on your to-do list, with a daily Aglow ritual, because life is not a dress rehearsal - enjoy every day and aim to live better than you did yesterday.


Proven effective natural supplements

Great customer service

Healthier, energized, and youthful you!


Shop the range here

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