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I Love this product!

A great product that actually does what it says. A noticeable difference in my skin,hair & nails since I started using it. Highly recommended!

Marine Collagen

Love this product. The fact you can add it to your normal routine, ie Breakfast, coffee, fruit juice, makes it so easy to use. I love what it is doing for my hair and skin. Will be ordering more.

The bomb

I’m absolutely loving all of aglow products! Especially the collagen though, I have so much more hair now, all my baby hairs have actually grown out and am getting more thanks to this product!


I have had weak nails all my life and am so happy with the results since using Aglow collagen powder.


Have definitely noticed results! My skin has cleared up and my nails have got stronger- as before they were extremely weak and damaged. 100% recommend!

It works!

I love this product. It truely works. I have a noticeable change with my hair growth and my skin looks younger

Aglow Protein Bundle
Nicola Fisher
Absolutely love

I’m actually shocked that I’ve finally found a protein powder that not only tastes amazing, has an incredible smooth texture (no grainy pieces) and just in water, but is also so gentle on my sensitive stomach. I had nearly given up trying to find one. So, I’m wrapped I gave this one a try.

Starting new Aglow

Fantastic service but as I have only been trying Collagen for less than a month don’t think I can pass an informed opinion yet, I wanted to try it because I have thinning hair, so keep watching this space for further updates, hopefully good!!

Best bang for buck

Ive tried all sorts of collagens and researched a lot. For me, this one has the best results which I can see in my skin, strong nails & hair. My thinner patches of hair around my forehead have filled in normally and thicker not too. I subscribe which makes it a lot cheaper compared to other similar collagens. Its tasteless so you can mix it into anything.

Pea protein

I feel great my stomach doesn’t feel great if I don’t have my morning smoothie.

So yummy

Great taste and love that it does not make me bloated like weigh does

I love the collagen!
My nails are much stronger and I have definitely had improvement in my skin becoming much smoother.
Your service is the best! Its lovely to receive a hand written 'thank you' with my order, and I have always received my order within 3 days of ordering online.

Our ‘go to’ super greens

We’ve had our subscription for a while now and it’s great. Easy to keep using as it auto renews. It tastes great and we love Aglows focus on straight forward whole ingredients.

Very good value for money

Love the aglow bundle deal. I hope I can get them in the refillable packs as a bundle as I am 100% buying more.

Love this

I have tried other collagen but this is easily the best. I drink two scoops with a large glass of water. I have this first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Love the eco side and supporting local as well. I have just brought the bundle of all three. I would love to subscribe with just the refill poaches.

Skin Hair & Nails

Awesome my hair is fuller, my skin glows and nails are strong

Marine Collagen

Love this product!!

Aglow is the perfect name. My nails are growing for the first time ever!! My skin is glowing!! I have shared with a friend and intend to share with more. Love the marine Collagen 🥰

Good results

So easy to order, arrived in days in a gorgeous container and personal card. I have noticed my nails growing better already and I'm pleased with my purchase thanks!

Marine collagen

Bought as a gift, the collagen arrived overnight from ordering! Beautifully presented in sustainable packaging, the engraved bamboo product container was a highlight. I wouldnt hesitate to purchase again.

Great product and great company to do business with.

Great product

Very happy with this product. My hair are smoother and skin is brighter than before. Really like it.


This collagen is amazing. My hair was super greasy before. Nothing fixed it until I started taking aglow. My hair is now shiny, healthy and no longer greasy. I’ve also noticed my skin is brighter and clearer, and my nails are growing nice and strong too. Love that I can add it to my morning coffee and I can’t taste it.

Love it!!

So glad I went with the bundle straight away. I have it with yogurt & fruit each morning which I don’t even taste any difference.. can’t wait to see the benefits of using this collagen.