Myth busting around Collagen supplements

Myth busting around Collagen supplements

Collagen is a super beneficial natural superfood that can be helpful to so many people to solve alot of issues around skin, hair, nail, gut and joint health.....


Here are the common myths I want to BUST about Collagen!


🙅🏼 Myth #1 Collagen is only beneficial post menopause

Our body's natural collagen production starts to decline 1-2% each year from our mid to late 20's, so can be really helpful from then.


🙅🏼 Myth #2 Collagen is helpful only for the skin

Collagen has a myriad of roles in the body and has been linked to helping joint pain, gut health and leaky gut, strong hair and nail growth. It has even been linked to preventing bone loss!

🙅🏼 Myth #3 Collagen is only useful in topical skincare

The skin is made up of three layers – the outermost epidermis, the dermis and the deeper hypodermis. Your topical skincare routine is hovering at the epidermis level and, while absolutely necessary for a well-rounded regimen, it doesn’t adequately reach the underlying dermis - this is where Collagen supplementation can help!

🙅🏼 Myth #4 You cannot restore your body’s own collagen

Collagen supplementation increases the amount of collagen your body can access and use and this along with other ingredients (like Vitamin C) can promote fibroblast cells to produce Collagen.

🙅🏼 Myth #5: When you start taking a collagen supplement, you will see and feel an immediate improvement in skin tone, hair, nails, and joints

It's important to note, as with most supplementation, collagen has a cumulative effect and it can take up to six weeks to see results.


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