Five tips get your feet summer ready

Five tips get your feet summer ready

Over winter, your feet rarely get to see the light of day, confined in tights, socks, boots or slippers (in my case Ugg Boots). Our feet can sometimes need a little bit of TLC to look sandal-ready. Here are my top footcare tips for beautiful feet just in time for summer.


Try a foot soak 

Immerse your feet in a tub of warm water with a few drops of your favourite essential oil or Epsom salts and   gently rub your feet with a cloth. Pat dry and enjoy revitalised and fresh feet.



Exfoliation is a key part of the getting your feet ready for summer. Getting rid of dry skin patches on you feet after winter can take time and effort. You can use a pumice stone, foot scrub or exfoliating cream to get it done. Do this at least twice a week or during your foot soak.


Moisturise daily!

The skin on our feet is alot thicker than the rest of our body skin so it requires a more intense moisturising routine. Invest in a rich moisturising cream to give your tootsies the moisturisation they need and conduct this ritual daily, either after your shower or before you go to bed at night.


Don’t hack at your nails

Remember to cut nails very delicately, don’t rip them as this damages nail strength. Apply cuticle oil whenever you remember to keep them soft and add extra shine to the nail. If you need to strengthen your toenails or accelerate growth, you can always try a Marine Collagen supplement.


Transform your toenails with a coat or two of nail polish.

Treat your toenails to a pop of colour by painting them with nail polish. If your skin is fair, choose cool tones like pink, lilac, fuchsia or silver and if you have more olive skin, go for a warm tones like orange, peach, coral or gold. 

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