Hey Mama

Hey Mama – I want you to know it’s ok to take a shortcut now and again!

Hey Mama – I want you to know it’s ok to take a shortcut now and again!

I’m a working mama, and up until recently I had a corporate career consisting of 40 hours+ a week, looking after multiple teams of people, making important snap decisions, managing risks, juggling priorities and above all - hitting all targets and goals. I prided myself on always taking the ‘right’ road no matter how long, hard, and rocky it was.

Then I became a mother.

Motherhood is the most beautiful; but insane ride I have ever been on. Despite my busy stressful career, I couldn’t believe how two little humans made me constantly question myself, make me feel completely out of control; and push me to new limits far beyond what I thought I was capable of (including how little sleep I needed to function – seriously I cannot believe I used to say I was ‘tired’ pre-kids).

The unconditional love, selflessness and protectionism for my little tribe was intense and magical. But inside, I was fighting an inner battle of trying to do the ‘right’ thing all the time.

I often felt guilty when I took a shortcut because I was too tired, too emotionally drained; or simply just trying to juggle life admin between those 30-minute nap windows!

One of my regular guilts or anxiousness was always related to FOOD!

I have two University degrees in Nutrition and despite having all this knowledge, I was SOOOO unmotivated to slave over the stove and make baby purees to ensure they were being exposed to all the different fruits, vegetables, tastes and textures! (where were you in my life Steph & Little Pot of Gold in 2017)?

And as for me, food became more a grab and go, rather than a nourishment for my body and the snack-o-saurus was real and raging!

It took me awhile, but I realised there is not one ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ road as a mother

Part of the journey is working out what areas you can ignore at times (i.e. the cleaning), the areas you need to nourish (i.e. your self-care); and those areas where taking short-cuts every now and again ensures you are pouring from a full cup (i.e. screen-time or buying prepared good quality baby food

For me this looked like: letting go of my standard of neatness, moving my body every day (even if it was just a small walk with the pram), taking a 30-minute break once a week to read, and starting my day with a healthy breakie while my hubby was home to look after the kids.  

Where I am now? Far from perfect and still managing the juggle and being present as a mother. But eight months ago, despite it being super scary I followed by heart and head. I left my corporate career to fully commit to the small business I run – Aglow. This was to pursue a passion of developing high-quality nutrition powders to help people easily prioritise their self-care by supporting their health, wellness and appearance.

So I will finish with this… trust your heart and always speak kindly to yourself. There’s no voice louder than the one inside.

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