Tips to keeping your smoothies nutritionally balanced

Tips to keeping your smoothies nutritionally balanced
The number one thing to remember is to be careful creating smoothies full of just fruits, as while they have some great nutrients, they are high in sugar and can cause a sugar and hunger crash  if they not balanced.
My top tips for a balanced smoothie....
  1. 🧉 Include a healthy nourishing fat source like nuts, seeds or I use frozen avocado scraps my kids have left!
  2. 🧉 Include a protein source, like yogurt or Aglow Pea Protein with Prebiotic and Probiotics, to keep yourself full and avoid a hunger crash.
  3. 🧉 Don't be afraid to include vegetables in there like spinach, or courgette, or for ease and convenience use Super Greens Powders.
  4. 🧉 Include a low GI or slow release carbohydrates like oats or banana. This provides glucose which is fuel for our brains - handy to help lift the morning brain fog OR prevent the brain slump at 3pm.
  5. 🧉  You can include Aglow Collagen in there to for an extra nutrient boost to the end result to help keep you glowing from the inside-out 😉 
Need some smoothie recipe inspo, check our our recipes in our blog here and watch me creating a balanced smoothie in the video here



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