Five ways you didn't know you can use Aglow

Five ways you didn't know you can use Aglow

I often change up the way¬†I use my Aglow products on the daily. This¬†ensures I get my 'spoonful a day' to feel and look the best I can ūü§©.


Yes! There always can be Collagen¬†coffee, a¬†protein shake or a green smoothie, but here are¬†five other easy ways¬†to use your Aglow products for¬†effortless, effective self-care ūüĎáūüŹľ


✨ Bliss balls, either using Collagen or Pea Protein with Probiotics


✨ Chia Pudding with Aglow Pea Protein with Prebiotics + Probiotics. Collagen or Super Greens is a good sub here though!


‚ú®'Nice' cream, I think Aglow Super Greens is the best in this!


✨ Collagen Scrambled Eggs, simply mix in the milk mixture and add eggs. This also helps the absorption of CoQ10 and Vitamin E which are fat soluble antioxidants.


✨ Overnight oats, this is perfect with Aglow Collagen, Super Greens or Pea Protein with Prebiotic and Probiotics. Simply dissolve in your milk of choice before adding to your oats.


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