Common Aglow Questions

Common Aglow Questions

Below are some of the five most common questions asked about Aglow and our products, however for more Frequently Asked Questions, click here.


Can you use multiple Aglow products in one go?

Yes! They all have different health benefits, ingredients and properties and this is how I sometimes have my Aglow for ease and convenience. I quite often mix Super Greens, Collagen and our Aglow Pea Protein together in smoothies or yogurt.


Why did you study nutrition?

I'm a qualified nutritionist with both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Human Nutrition. 

Why did I study nutrition? Because was fascinated with the notion that what we eat has a huge impact on our health, how we socialise, and how we look and feel. But on a personal level, I knew how difficult it was to eat the ‘right foods’ all the time. I wanted to learn more about how little changes to our diet, could have a positive impact on all aspects of our wellbeing.


Why did you start Aglow?

Aglow came about because despite all this nutrition knowledge, being a full-time working woman, mum of two and the demands of never-ending life admin, I seriously struggled to eat 'well' all the time.

 As a result, my energy levels, health and wellbeing were suffering and I lacked confidence with my skin breaking out, my hair thinning and ultimately both were dull, dry and lacking their natural glow.

I knew little changes could have BIG positive impacts, so Aglow was born.

My vision is to support myself and other people to feel healthy, youthful and energized from the inside and out, with natural NZ made superfood supplements that are effective using pure and simple ingredients – no fussy rituals, unnecessary ingredients or fillers.

 Aglow is a ‘spoonful a day’ for effortlessly effective self-care.


Can you use Aglow when breastfeeding?

Aglow CollagenImmunity Super Greens  and  Aglow Pea Protein with Prebiotics and Probiotics are safe to take while breastfeeding.

Many of our customers have said these products have helped with energy levels, common postpartum problems with skin, hair and nails and help mums get a good amount of nutrients as eating can be challenging at times with a newborn!

Our Skin, Hair & Nails contains Dandelion root which is generally considered safe and healthy. But because there's no conclusive research into side effects while breastfeeding, please consult with your health care professional first, or avoid.


Is Aglow suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets?

Yes!  Aglow Skin, Hair, Nails Aglow Immunity Super Greens  and Aglow Pea Protein with Prebiotics and Probiotics are great for vegetarians’ and vegans as they contain no animal or animal derived products.

However Aglow Marine Collagen should be avoided by vegans and vegetarians as it is sourced from a fish product.


How is Aglow Collagen different to other collagen powders?

We use premium grade marine collagen. Marine collagen has up to 1.5 times more bioavailability than bovine or porcine collagen and our blend been hydrolysed for optimum absorption. This makes the Collagen have a small particle size and low molecular weight, so it passes through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream more efficiently which makes it easier for the body to absorb.

Our Collagen has added Vitamin C to help with absorption and to stimulate your body’s collagen production. It contains the recommended RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vitamin C for an adult.

We have also added two powerful antioxidants (CoQ10 and Vitamin E) to fight cell damage from free radicals, reduce inflammation, keep the skin hydrated and promote collagen and elastin production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The end result is a fine powder which is flavourless and easily added to any foods and drinks but we recommend mixing with coffee, yoghurt or smoothies or foods like soups, scrambled eggs or baking.



If you every have any question about Aglow, please feel free to contact me via email (, via our website chat or through social media messaging.


Effective natural supplements

Great customer service

Healthier, energized, and youthful you!


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