Aglow's values 💖: We put you first

Aglow's values 💖: We put you first

At Aglow I ALWAYS aim to put YOU first. I want you to be healthier, energised and more youthful you, with our simple ‘spoonful a day’ for effortless, effective self-care. So this leads me to our values. These are things we won’t sacrifice, they are the beating heart of Aglow, me and our community!


Guaranteed to be ‘Aglow’

Our Aglow products will leave you feeling healthier and more youthful than you were yesterday - I am so confident about it, that I guarantee it. If within 14 days of receiving your Aglow product(s), if you are still not happy with them, you can return them to us for a refund of the purchase price. 


Simple but premium quality - We use only the best natural and organic ingredients.

Our ingredients are sourced within New Zealand and around the world and are chosen by a qualified nutritionist (me!) for their unique and specific properties which benefit for your health, wellbeing and appearance.  

There are no unnecessary ingredients or additives, and definitely no chemicals. All our product ingredients are transparent, with all ingredients listed on the product labels.


Proven results 

We have received over 100 5-star reviews from customers who have transformed their health, wellbeing and appearance by using Aglow.  We are committed to producing products that deliver results for our customers - premium quality, proven ingredients and results.


Sustainable ethos 

We are committed to minimising the impact on the environment, while delivering high quality effective supplements. This includes reusable and home compostable packaging, through to sustainable pricing by offering a no risk subscription service and value packs.


Effective natural supplements
Great customer service
Healthier, energized, and youthful you!

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