NZ's newest Nutricosmetics powders

NZ's newest Nutricosmetics powders

"A youthful outside begins with a healthy inside"

Ingestible beauty or Nutricosmetics is the latest saviour in skincare to make your skin glow. Imagine a skincare routine without expensive creams and cover ups - instead your complexion has already been taken care of by something you swallowed earlier.

Our Skin, Hair & Nails Super Greens and Marine Collagen powder range is part of this new wave of ingestible beauty products that has been proven to improve the health and appearance of users skin, hair & nails (it's in the name after all!)

The skin is simply a reflection of what’s happening inside your body. The cosmetics industry has wrongly taught us to try cover up our unhealthy spots and complexion, instead of addressing the underlying causes. If you had a plant whose leaves were dying, you would immediately review its food source, not splatter green paint on the brown leaves. Why don’t we do this for ourselves?

We have several customers every week message us to say how amazing it's been working for them. Some customers have even had life long acne and eczema that have completely disappeared after only a few weeks of taking AglowTheir friends can't believe the change (and neither could they!)

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